How it's made

Everything I make begins as a sketch inspired by my walks, hikes, and kayak trips in the PNW. Sketches are then worked into fine art drawings which I free-hand carve into blocks for printing. This is tricky because the black and white areas reverse and care must be taken to think about the art as it will print, not as it seems on the block. I mount the blocks for stability and then use the highest quality block printing ink available to print on my products.

I do not use any presses and I print all of my products (except stickers and cups) by my own hand so that I can carefully check each one. This means that each print will always be slightly different, but it also means that I was careful to touch, look at, and take care with everything I do. That's important to me. My work reflects my love of our region and I hope that it conveys that love to others and inspires them to spend more time outside.

Get your
hand printed,
archival print

Wanting to add a little earthy vibe to your walls? These prints are for you! Each print is carefully pressed by hand on archival grade paper and mounted with care on archival grade black backboard. Each print is signed by the artist.



  • Hand printed
  • 11 x 14 “
  • Archival paper
  • Made locally
  • Signed
  • Mounted on backer board

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Grab one of these Questionable Morels stickers!

Add more mushrooms (and puns) to your life.

If you’re looking to add a little bit of artistry to the practical areas of your home our tea towels are the exact thing you’re looking for! The cotton material is absorbent for the practical side while the front-facing design will add a touch of wild nature to your towel rack.
Each design is hand pressed by the artist.


  • 28×28″
  • 100% Cotton