About Me

Me and My Mama

My Mama

My mother has been my greatest inspiration from the beginning; showing me the path of entrepreneurship and instilling in me a deep connection to nature. Being wild, my mother calls it, let’s spend some time out in nature. Through this encouragement I would spend hours drawing nature and painting flowers. This lead to my graduating from Western Washington University with a double major in Fine Art and Innovative Arts Management.

Me, Coral Sue

My Journey

I spent my pre-college years traveling around the states with my mother and two sisters watching the landscapes change and learning the value of rain. After a few years of travel we landed in the great PNW and haven’t looked back. The lush rain forests, rocky beaches, and towering mountains have the impression of looking at an ISpy page, every time I look upon them I find another small, yet extraordinary, detail. Today, I find myself putting all the pieces together to form Coral Sue: apparel and accessories that feature nature-based work that is both eclectic and artful. To me, this work celebrates this amazing region and connection to both that wildness and those who help you to keep hold of it.