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Rain Woman Print

Rain Woman

I. Love. Rain. Every year when the spring rains start falling I run outside and start dancing. Nothing makes me feel as free and alive quite like dancing in the rain.

Northwest Roots Print

Northwest Roots

Who doesn’t love to garden around here?! I grew up gardening with my mom and those are some of the best memories I have. I feel rooted both to this region as well as to my family and the memories we make.

Quote credit: Anna Black 

Water Woman

When I created this piece I was thinking about how we are made almost entirely of water and everything surrounding us requires it just to exist. So Water Woman was born to remind us not to take water for grated. Fight for it.

Quote credit: Anna Black 


How do you capture the rain? To me, this meant capturing something magical.

Quote credit: Anna Black 

Questionable Morels

I absolutely adore puns! This was a piece made to remind me not to take myself too seriously. Except maybe when mushroom hunting.

Stack Rock


This piece was born during one of my hikes. I just love finding these and feeling somehow connected to the rock stacker and their sense of wild balance.

Love You

I made this piece while thinking about our gestures of love to each other. The beauty of the gift itself and the grace of such a gesture.

Happy Waves

The rocky beaches of our PNW region are happy places of mine. They’re both peaceful and lively and I really wanted to capture that with this piece.

Quote credit: Anna Black 

Birch Walk

I created this image to embody the feeling of excitement and peace I feel while on one of my weekly walks.

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I created this piece thinking about how the people we surround ourselves with can really have a lasting impact on our world. Make sure you surround yourself with people who remind you to step outside and look at the stars.


Rhody Love

The PNW is full of this wonderful flower, the rhody. I look forward to seeing them bloom every year. They an unspoken symbol of this region.

Quote credit: Anna Black